The Mombie Apocalypse: Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Please check out and share this zombie dance video on CrowdRise. Any donation to fund metastatic breast cancer research is greatly appreciated. (In the above video, I am in the front row, second from the left. At least I could hide behind zombie makeup and a tattered sweatshirt.)

As one of the 40 or so mombies (moms + zombies) who invaded my small town, I danced away in search not of brains, but of love.

I’m thrilled to have been a small part of the above fundraising dance video. Despite my dorky, dance-challenged self, it was an awesome experience, and I was inspired by the hard work and talent of the women who put this project together.

One of our mombies is the sister of the woman who founded the Cancer Couch Foundation after she was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, and the foundation has raised $1.5 million for metastatic breast cancer research.

We filmed the video about three weeks ago during a three-hour, very cold session filled with laughter and good cheer. 

Between takes at Ball & Socket Arts in Cheshire, CT

At the end of the video, we threw hearts in memory of loved ones we have lost to cancer.

Mine is decorated in memory of my mom and dad, who both died of cancer while much too young.

It was funny to converge upon Kinsmen Brewing
in our zombie makeup and clothes for an after party.

A few more photos…

On the way: a picture of one of my wounds, made from latex and toilet paper

Randy and I recreated the zombie kiss photo that was picked up by BuzzFeed years ago for their post called “12 Worst Types of Kisses.” (We were number 5: The Desert Rose.)

P.S. One of the funniest moments happened before I even got to the filming when I carpooled with a friend to the house of another friend. She was expecting us, so I gave a quick knock and opened the screen door. A completely flabbergasted man greeted me at the door. I didn’t recognize him, but gave a friendly hello. He stood there looking stunned and made no move to invite me in, and after a few awkward moments, I learned I was at the wrong house!

The story in a local newspaper, the Republican-American:

Day of the ‘Mombies’ in Cheshire

Update: Another newspaper article (in the Cheshire Herald)


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  1. Abby says:

    Mombies! What a fun twist on a great cause. Sorry about your parents :(.
    You look terrifically awful – oh the poor man at the wrong house!

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