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Eagles, Ospreys, and 42 Too: A Connecticut River Cruise

I enjoyed birding recently on a Connecticut River cruise, but the birds were maddeningly far away. An eagle at the end, though, posed for us in a tree that we could walk over to once back on land. About to board, … Continue reading

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From Chicken Feet to Swan Boats: Birthday Fun in New York and Boston

{Celebrate your courage: Send me a postcard} One of my favorite parts of a trip to New York City is always walking around looking at the people and the buildings, so for my birthday celebration my husband and I pretty much cut … Continue reading

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It watched me like a hawk

I spied a huge hawk and turkey vulture in my backyard. Phone in my pocket, I crept back there for a photo. Hawk tore into the nasty remains of a baby raccoon I had seen it guarding two days earlier. … Continue reading

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Birds Suddenly Appear

Image by Bill Strain (Creative Commons) Feeding pigeons, they surround me, their gentle coos replaced by my desperate shrieks. Making a sandcastle, the seagulls gather darkly, so I flee. I’m calm in nature, until birds suddenly appear, all because of a film Hitchcock … Continue reading

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A Chicken Experience

Warning: This post is about killing a chicken and includes disturbing content and photos. {Take me to Vegan for a Week.} Would you kill a chicken? I suspect vegetarians will quickly shudder and answer no, but what about we meat … Continue reading

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Hiking on a remote Irish island, a guest post

Skellig Michael, Ireland Please head over to the blog Trish, Alex and Sage today where I have a guest post: Out to Sea: Visiting an Ancient Monastery The post is about hiking with my family to an ancient monastery on … Continue reading

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Seagulls and the Temple of Trash

The other day I shared the trick to getting my teenage son to come along to the Pez Museum with me: Promise him a bucket of candy. Well, how did I get my husband to come along to the Trash … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Bird’s Nest Cookies

{Christmas riddles: a fun idea for Christmas morning} These buttery cookies are rich and delicious with a fruity sweetness and a crispy, nutty outside. They were my husband’s favorite cookies growing up. The recipe was passed down from his grandmother, … Continue reading

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