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Photo-a-Day Challenge: Part Diary, Part Experiment, Part Oh-No-I-Have-Nothing-to-Take-a-Picture-of-Today!

{Celebrate your courage: Send me a postcard} Part diary, part experiment, part oh-no-I-have-nothing-to-take-a-picture-of-today!, I’ve been seeing the months parade by one click at a time in a photo-a-day project I started on the first of the year. The only “rule” I’m following … Continue reading

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My #BlogHer15 Recap as a Timid and Squeamish VOTY Featured Honoree: From Excited to Terrified to Exuberant

TL;DR: I made it through my terrifying speech as a VOTY featured honoree just fine, met inspiring people, and learned a lot at #BlogHer15, and although I’m a timid introvert, I even socialized. #BlogHer15 Recap: The Long Version A shortened version of my video … Continue reading

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Home cooking challenge: You have 30 minutes. Begin.

Ready? Open your basket. You take out a fish you’ve never cooked before, a breakfast food, a curry paste, and a couple of small turnips. You have 30 minutes to cook dinner. Begin… Since I’m hooked on the cooking show … Continue reading

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Public Speaking

Image by Leon Fishman “According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Now this means, to the average person, if you have to go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Too Timid! Link Party

Photo: Dan Bennett What do a race car driver, yarn dyer, and homeschooler have in common? They all gave themselves that little push. Are you too timid? Too squeamish? Give yourself that little push, and share your story with us … Continue reading

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Planks challenge

I am excited to join the Planks Challenge for the next six weeks. I am still in the midst of the push-ups challenge, so I plan to alternate days. For my pre-test today, I held a plank for one minute. … Continue reading

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Push-ups, Revisited

When Morgan at Life After Bagels posted her “Pipes Challenge,” I got the boost I needed for my own floundering push-ups challenge. I have been slogging away at them for about eight weeks. (Here is my original post “Push-ups Challenge.”) … Continue reading

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Push-ups Challenge

  It’s getting tough at two weeks in. I am trying a push-ups challenge and repeating days as often as needed. I plan to stick with it for at least six weeks and see how far I get. One thing … Continue reading

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