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Hot time, summer in the city

In general, I don’t love cities–the crowds, the noise, the pollution. Plus, most of my travels are during the month of August. Walking on city pavement in Morocco when it’s 125 degrees F out or in Thailand when the humidity … Continue reading

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In Peru, the Inca are Everywhere

The history books said the Spanish had conquered Peru 500 years before, but as I sat on the cold stone steps of a village square on Lake Titicaca, I thought over the last two weeks and how the official history … Continue reading

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Lost in Cuzco

During my first day in Peru last August, my mushy brain and I kept stumbling over simple questions. I had started at sea level 20 hours before, endured a cheap-flight marathon through five airports, and crashed in a hotel room … Continue reading

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What I Ate in Peru: Guinea Pig Anyone?

For “What I Ate Wednesday,” I would like to share what I ate in Peru. I tried to sample a lot of traditional Peruvian cuisine, but I was less adventurous than usual when I first arrived. I wanted to be … Continue reading

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Hiking the Inca Trail: Preparation

{Update: See Hiking the Inca Trail, Day 1: Peruvian Flatlands | Day 2: Nobody Messes with Dead Woman’s Pass} | Day 3: The Long and Winding Road | Day 4: Race to the Sun Gate and Machu Picchu} I just … Continue reading

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