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Cantering: As Easy as Falling Off a Horse

I bounced along in a fast and much too dangerous canter, which I’d just learned is like a gallop with a missing beat. I had been trotting so well, too, even lifted a hand from the saddle to give my mother-in-law … Continue reading

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The Princess and the Peed Off Copy Machine Woman

Image by Ross Berteig (CC by 2.0) During my first year of teaching, I learned a tip: get on the good side of the secretaries and the janitors. What I didn’t know, though, was that there was another person more … Continue reading

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Climb a tree, take three: I’ll take it

Make like a tree and leave. Earlier post: Go climb a tree Climb a tree, take two: Failure again A week ago, my husband dragged a ladder out to the backyard for me and stood by to take a picture … Continue reading

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I Bust a Move on Dance Central a/k/a Cartoons Pity Me in My Basement

“I can’t get no satisfaction.” — The Rolling Stones I’ve never been accused of busting a move, but I’ve learned yet again that persistence pays off. About two years ago, I started playing the Dance Central game for Xbox’s Kinect. … Continue reading

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Bumps Along the Path to the Rugged Maniac

Update: My Rugged Maniac race report A woman who is more rugged than I am (Photo by Bob Jagendorf) And you know that you’re over the hill When your mind makes a promise that your body can’t fill — “Old … Continue reading

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How to Respect Your Kid’s Intelligence and Ruin Easter All at the Same Time

Early one Easter morning, my older son crawled into my warm bed with my husband and me. He was about four years old at the time. “Mom,” he said, waking me. “I found my Easter egg basket and Dan’s too.” … Continue reading

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What’d You Do with the Money?

What’d You Do with the Money? “A long long time ago I can still remember how That music used to make me smile The bar had everything a dive should have: rows of motorcycles lined up out front, cheap drinks, … Continue reading

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A noob gets pwned: Giving World of Warcraft a try at my children’s insistence

A noob* gets pwned*    (*see glossary) My two sons and husband were amazed I could even die so early and thought I should get an achieve* just for doing so at level 1. I couldn’t help it. I was totally … Continue reading

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50 push-ups challenge update: Collapse one push-up from goal

(Push-ups Part 1: Push-ups Challenge, Part 2: Push-ups, Revisited, Part 3: Still pushing) As forlorn as I am about failing to complete my 50 push-ups challenge, I have to admit that the look of shock on my face when I … Continue reading

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Raw vegan savory ice cream sandwiches

“The icy chill of sorbet wakes up your mouth. Your mind anticipates something sweet, but your tongue registers something unexpected, something savory. The effect is like seeing a favorite actor in a surprise movie cameo: first confusion, then surprise and … Continue reading

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