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Dance Like Pachamama’s Watching

A lone woman, burdened by sticks, enters the village square. Soon there’s another … seven … twenty. Their bonfire warms our cheeks, ignites our imaginations. They’ve circled, in blurs of accelerating joy, since before Spaniards arrived to conquer a land, … Continue reading

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Examine the LARPers: How to Tell New England Fairs Apart

Fall in New England is a wondrous time, with fairs of every size and shape vying for attention. It can get a little confusing, though, so here’s a handy field guide to figuring out just where you are. Who are the … Continue reading

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Oh My Garlic: The Garlic & Harvest Festival

(Video link) I got my fill and then some of beloved garlic today at the Garlic & Harvest Festival in Bethlehem, CT. Garlic ice cream … garlic pickles … whole roasted garlic cloves …garlic vinegar … garlic pesto … garlic … Continue reading

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In Peru, the Inca are Everywhere

The history books said the Spanish had conquered Peru 500 years before, but as I sat on the cold stone steps of a village square on Lake Titicaca, I thought over the last two weeks and how the official history … Continue reading

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Playing the bodhran, an Irish frame drum

{Only 4 things to go to complete 101 things in 1001 days!} Squeezed into a little Irish pub, a pub that looked exactly like what a movie set of an Irish pub would look like, I held my pint and … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Soon: I Became a Zombie at the Doomsday Fair

Ah, autumn fairs in New England. The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, the zombies are searching for brains. We were at the Doomsday Fair, and the timing was eerie. Hurricane Sandy headed for Connecticut, and local news stations … Continue reading

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Art thou a loggerheaded, toad-spotted malt-worm?

Verily, I beseech thee, travel to the Renaissance Faire if thou durst. A fulsome feast awaits. Do not tarry. Or art thou a loggerheaded, toad-spotted malt-worm? Huzzah! The Connecticut Renaissance Faire Renaissance Insult Generator

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