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Oh My Garlic: The Garlic & Harvest Festival

(Video link) I got my fill and then some of beloved garlic today at the Garlic & Harvest Festival in Bethlehem, CT. Garlic ice cream … garlic pickles … whole roasted garlic cloves …garlic vinegar … garlic pesto … garlic … Continue reading

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Just let go: Jump off a cliff

Some of us think holding on makes us strong but sometimes it is letting go.     — Hermann Hesse I hold onto things fiercely: movie ticket stubs, anger, prints of bad photos, grudges, logs of old exercise routines, worries, and, especially, … Continue reading

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Summer of seasonal produce and ratatouille too

It’s been great eating fresh, local produce this summer from my CSA share. Here’s a photographic recap of what ripened during June, July, and August in Connecticut. Scroll to the bottom to see a photo of what I received in … Continue reading

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Radishes, scapes, and greens, oh my (CSA share)

During most trips to my grocery store, I buy vegetables from thousands of miles away, shipped unripe and picked long ago; they’ve lost their freshness and a lot of their nutrition sitting on trucks. But this weekend was filled with … Continue reading

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New Haven Apizza: Pepe’s vs. Sally’s

New Haven Apizza On Wooster Street in New Haven are two famed New Haven apizza (pizza) restaurants. New Haven-style pizza is cooked in a brick oven and noted for its thin crispy crust. Pepe’s, the original from 1925, and Sally’s, … Continue reading

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Raw vegan savory ice cream sandwiches

“The icy chill of sorbet wakes up your mouth. Your mind anticipates something sweet, but your tongue registers something unexpected, something savory. The effect is like seeing a favorite actor in a surprise movie cameo: first confusion, then surprise and … Continue reading

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Savoring Savory Oatmeal

#49. 101 things in 1001 days: Try at least five savory oatmeal recipes. You are probably already a big fan of sweet oatmeal. These savory oatmeal recipes, though, might just keep you away from those bananas and raisins for a … Continue reading

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