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Year in Review 2016: Top 12 Posts

Shadows in the Desert: Marcy and Randy – 12 favorite posts of 2016 1. Seeking Treasure: The Thrill of the Chase My husband’s kooky or brilliant conviction that he knew the location of a hidden treasure led to two delightful … Continue reading

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Fall Odds and Ends: Tailgating in Paradise

As fall marches toward winter, I’ve been getting out when I can. With a return to work after a long summer and both boys now away at college, I’ve not been doing much except for getting my work done at … Continue reading

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How to Hike Mount Washington When You’re Young and Clueless (in 33 Easy Steps)

In the early days of our marriage, my husband and I would disappear every weekend to hike in the White Mountains. While I loved hiking, I never quite enjoyed it. Mount Washington proved to be especially formidable. Set your alarm for … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends as Spring Arrives

1. — Over the last year, I’ve photographed a few examples of the number 42 for a writing challenge I sometimes enter, but I recently started seeing the number all over the place. I’ve been scanning signs and price tags for it everywhere, … Continue reading

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10 Things I Learned from Naked and Afraid (and a Perfect Connecticut Afternoon)

10 things I learned from the survivalist reality show Naked and Afraid: 1. After a few awkward minutes, no one will care if you’re naked in the wilderness. 2. There’s good naked and bad naked. (OK, I learned that one … Continue reading

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9 Links Worth Clicking {1}

From my travels around the web, these were some stories that really struck me. 1. 15 Travelers Share Their Favorite Bucket List Adventures This collection of travelers’ favorite adventures is inspirational, and it also introduced me to some new blogs to … Continue reading

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Three Finales that Worked

The recent finale of How I Met Your Mother brought another round of Internet rage, but as a loyal viewer I thought the ending was right, as I did with both Dexter and Breaking Bad, two other shows with finales … Continue reading

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Four tales of gratitude

1. I heard this amazing story about skydiving gone wrong on NPR’s Here and Now. I was driving home from work to start my Thanksgiving break, and my car idled in the driveway while I listened to the rest of … Continue reading

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8 Lessons Learned Halfway through NaBloPoMo: Having a Blast, But Losing Steam

A predatory fungus emerging from the carcass of a caterpillar I’m halfway through a November challenge to post every day on my blog. Since I usually only post about two times a week, I quickly exhausted my standard ideas of … Continue reading

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November Odds and Ends

Miscellany Monday 1. I just need a breakable bottle and some limes for the video I’ll make when I complete my juggling challenge. My husband doesn’t think I can pull it off. Doubters gonna doubt. (Update: Bar Juggling Scene) 2. … Continue reading

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