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Endings and Beginnings: Day 30 of Posting Every Day for NaBloPoMo

While I enjoyed the challenge of posting every day in November and the new blogging friendships I made, blogging every day is not for me. I like blogging in bursts of enthusiasm, and I didn’t have something to say every … Continue reading

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Four tales of gratitude

1. I heard this amazing story about skydiving gone wrong on NPR’s Here and Now. I was driving home from work to start my Thanksgiving break, and my car idled in the driveway while I listened to the rest of … Continue reading

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14 Years of “Boys, Look at Me”

Every year for 14 years now, I’ve snapped a picture of my boys on Thanksgiving weekend. Yep, they grow up so fast. Happy Thanksgiving! Related posts: Benign (Thanksgiving 2011, after a health scare) Leftover Turkey Oatmeal NaBloPoMo, Day 28 at … Continue reading

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Fixing the Old Tennis Court Lights

Wordless Wednesday NaBloPoMo, Day 27 at yeah write

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Jailhouse Rock

This week’s theme at Twisted Mixtape is “this song could’ve sent me to jail.” Since rock and roll is rife with all kinds of crimes and misdemeanors, there were plenty of songs to choose from. 1. “Wrong Way” by Sublime … Continue reading

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Dijon that Passes Muster: Guess The Mystery Meal (Part 4)

{Previous “Guess the Mystery Meal” posts: Introduction | Homemade Ketchup | Homemade Worcestershire Sauce} Continuing with my project to make a mystery meal from 47 ingredients, I made another component: homemade Dijon mustard.  Like the ketchup and Worcestershire sauce, the … Continue reading

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Size Does Matter: Little Trees and Stonehenge

Remember that scene in This is Spinal Tap when the band plans a majestic replica of Stonehenge that will sing the glories of their badassitude, but then they screw up the calculations, and an 18 inch tall model stands on … Continue reading

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Christmas Riddles: A Fun Idea for Christmas Morning

Looking for a fun idea for sharing a special Christmas present? Make your kids solve Christmas riddles to find it. A Christmas Quest: Solve the Riddles to Find Your Present I am sharing this post from last year ahead of … Continue reading

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Life’s Experiments: Postcards from Outside Your Comfort Zone {#2}

{In this series, readers send in postcards from outside their comfort zones. Celebrate your courage: Send me a postcard.} Natalie sent in this postcard to celebrate painting for an audience. You can read about her achievement in her post Performance … Continue reading

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Math and Blathering Talking Heads

Pet Peeve #25 In a certain public building that I frequent, there is a new scourge: the TV left on when no one is watching. Not only is it grating to wander in on talking heads incessantly blathering when I … Continue reading

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