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Seeking Treasure: The Thrill of the Chase

My husband pores over web sites, explaining his line-by-line interpretations as he toggles between a Google map and a poem that holds clues to the hidden treasure. He points out canyons and creeks, hots springs and abandoned mines. He has a feverish gleam … Continue reading

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Gurgles at the Engaged Encounter

When the priest raised sexual relations, my fiance’s intestines gurgled. Other couples turned and stared, so of course we giggled. The priest reassured us; some couples find this awkward, but he didn’t hear the ungodly sounds coming from my love’s … Continue reading

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Birthday on the Brooklyn Bridge

Until recently, it hadn’t occurred to me to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, but once I heard about it, I immediately placed it on my bucket list. That same day, my husband asked me how I would like to celebrate … Continue reading

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Of course my husband wants a pink, purple, and turquoise scarf

{Only 3 things to go to complete 101 things in 1001 days!} Knitting a Scarf From a year ago: I am not schooled in the domestic arts, nor am I coordinated. I needed to take to YouTube to see how to … Continue reading

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Short. Ponytail. Wearing black.

A really smooth character would hide the bill in his hand, extend his arm into a shake with a sly nod, and be seated now, considering appetizers. Instead, we’re waiting in a corner at Eli Cannon’s, having fun, sure, but … Continue reading

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Seagulls and the Temple of Trash

The other day I shared the trick to getting my teenage son to come along to the Pez Museum with me: Promise him a bucket of candy. Well, how did I get my husband to come along to the Trash … Continue reading

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Framing a Memory

My stubby finger traced the groove’s curves, pushing aside the fresh sawdust and smelling its piney scent. “That’s a potato, Marcy,” my dad said. “Do you know where they have a lot of potatoes?” I had no idea. “In Ireland,” … Continue reading

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Definitely Enough Snow: Snowshoeing After Nemo

#DPSWEATHER This is the final winter of my 101 things list, and a few weeks ago my husband talked me out of snowshoeing, which is on my list, because there were only a few inches of snow. “If you can … Continue reading

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The Week of Man: What Happens When Mom Goes Away?

While I was having adventures in Costa Rica, my husband and two teenage boys were at home. I turn my blog over to them today for a report on what was happening on the home front. —– From Daniel, age … Continue reading

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Hair today, gone tomorrow

Congratulations to my husband for shaving his head to support the fight against cancer. He looks pretty great, doesn’t he? Thanks for the support. Randy’s St. Baldrick’s Donation Page Update–The video:

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