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The Princess and the Peed Off Copy Machine Woman

Image by Ross Berteig (CC by 2.0) During my first year of teaching, I learned a tip: get on the good side of the secretaries and the janitors. What I didn’t know, though, was that there was another person more … Continue reading

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Fitbit to be Tied, Part 1

I was only two or three minutes into David Sedaris’s piece about his love for the Fitbit when I knew I had found it — the new gimmick that would motivate me out of my lethargy and get me moving … Continue reading

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Terror at Three Feet

Image Source: D. Sharon Pruitt I fumed as I shifted my weight from left to right, halfway up to the attic. My husband had left the ladder down, and it blocked the hallway nearly completely. Trying to squeeze around it … Continue reading

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Die, Zombie Becky!

As a kid, I was steeped in a broth of James Bond, with a heavy dose of Dirty Harry mixed in. I also have a weirdly defective startle response and routinely scream during benign situations if I am surprised. People … Continue reading

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