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Pura Vida Cruise

We ignored dark clouds in the distance, snorkeled drenched in sunshine, cheered dolphins that torpedoed by. The sky blackened and unleashed a whirlwind, thunderclaps and lightning booming, slamming, smashing. I cowered, but they cranked the music and danced Salsa on … Continue reading

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Attack of the killer squirrel

A final basement sunflower update? It doesn’t look like the last of my basement sunflower buds is going to make it to a full sixth flower. The plant, which was the largest and strongest, did well with the transfer outdoors … Continue reading

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Definitely Enough Snow: Snowshoeing After Nemo

#DPSWEATHER This is the final winter of my 101 things list, and a few weeks ago my husband talked me out of snowshoeing, which is on my list, because there were only a few inches of snow. “If you can … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Soon: I Became a Zombie at the Doomsday Fair

Ah, autumn fairs in New England. The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, the zombies are searching for brains. We were at the Doomsday Fair, and the timing was eerie. Hurricane Sandy headed for Connecticut, and local news stations … Continue reading

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Too much time on my hands

Juggling practice: “Never had one lesson!” (Update: Bar Juggling Scene) Miscellany Monday This is my 6th day off work because of a freak October snowstorm. I love a good snow day, but man, oh man, I hope things get back … Continue reading

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October Surprise: A cold “staycation” without power

A freak October storm brought down a massive number of trees and branches on Saturday, and over 800,000 Connecticut households lost power, including mine. As I heard mentioned over and over on the AM radio station that was my only source … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irene: Caffeine Withdrawal, Cowboy Chili, and Dinner by Candlelight

It took a hurricane to keep me off caffeine for a day. As Hurricane Irene worked her way up the East coast on Sunday, I awoke at 6 a.m. without power. I looked at the trees blowing in the wind. … Continue reading

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