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Cold, Old Boston and a Tavern Tour

My husband and I had planned a Boston walking tour on a lovely springlike day, but that day arrived yesterday, and we walked the ancient streets on one of the coldest days of the year, 5 degrees F with a … Continue reading

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Cantering: As Easy as Falling Off a Horse

I bounced along in a fast and much too dangerous canter, which I’d just learned is like a gallop with a missing beat. I had been trotting so well, too, even lifted a hand from the saddle to give my mother-in-law … Continue reading

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Take a glassblowing class

{MultiMEDIA Splice — join me by linking up a glass-related post or a multimedia post on any topic.} “If you treat glass right, it doesn’t crack. If you know the properties, you can make things; the color of dusk and night … Continue reading

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A Chicken Experience

Warning: This post is about killing a chicken and includes disturbing content and photos. {Take me to Vegan for a Week.} Would you kill a chicken? I suspect vegetarians will quickly shudder and answer no, but what about we meat … Continue reading

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Laughter Yoga, or Laughing When There’s No Joke

“And the forests will echo with laughter. Does anybody remember laughter?” — Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin Supposedly we could laugh in any situation, and we pantomimed laughing while paying the bills, cleaning the house, and talking with a telemarketer. Laughter … Continue reading

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Well, did you ever milk a cow?

“Well, did you ever milk a cow? I had the chance one day, but I was all dressed up for Sunday.” — “We Can Talk,” The Band We all gathered round the cow and brushed her, to relax her and … Continue reading

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Confronting the Abyss at Trapeze School New York

“Advice from a veteran trapeze performer: Throw your heart over the bars and your body will follow.” — Unknown Harness on, I looked out from the rooftop trapeze school toward Manhattan’s Freedom Tower and gave a half-hearted acknowledgment when my … Continue reading

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Framing a Memory

My stubby finger traced the groove’s curves, pushing aside the fresh sawdust and smelling its piney scent. “That’s a potato, Marcy,” my dad said. “Do you know where they have a lot of potatoes?” I had no idea. “In Ireland,” … Continue reading

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Nude Poses, the Beats, and William Shatner Reading Rocket Man

Pushing past the black cloth that blocked the room from the street, my friend and I clutched our sketch pads and entered the den of artists. The nude model was on a break and all the chairs were filled, so … Continue reading

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Beer Brewing

Does goofing off and drinking beer while someone else does all the work count as checking another item off my 101 list? I’ve been assured that this photo makes it legitimate. #54: Brew my own beer. 101 things in 1001 … Continue reading

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