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Cry “Havoc!” in a Sleepy Classroom

My students hadn’t thought twice about a stab in the back, or a robe drenched in blood; video games steeled them against such violence. But when Antony let slip the dogs of war, those sleepy adolescents marveled that Shakespeare made them shudder. … Continue reading

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Do Only Fuddy-Duddies Question Comedians and Interstellar?

How many times have I been that teacher in the front of the room when the kids are supposed to be working quietly, but wave after wave of suppressed giggles come forward? Does it even matter whether someone really cut … Continue reading

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The Princess and the Peed Off Copy Machine Woman

Image by Ross Berteig (CC by 2.0) During my first year of teaching, I learned a tip: get on the good side of the secretaries and the janitors. What I didn’t know, though, was that there was another person more … Continue reading

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Waters of Indifference

I trawl through waters of indifference to teach twelve-year-olds of Sirens, but what do they know of longing? Sneaking gum into class, or texts at lockers, they ride the waves of their impulses, but can’t imagine a lure that could … Continue reading

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Middle School Grammar Lesson

Image by 55Laney69 (Creative Commons) Slaps here, insults there. Some aches won’t ever go away. Hurt: the adjective describes the noun. They jab and tease, or, worse, exclude. Hurt: the action word. The teacher parses the axiom: “Hurt people hurt … Continue reading

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Begrudgingly Intrigued Teenagers and J. Alfred Prufrock

I chose “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot to memorize because it takes me back to my first year of teaching. A room of sweaty teenagers in dress shirts and ties, blouses and skirts, waited, pens poised, for me … Continue reading

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