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Stranger Things in the Age of Trump

[Spoiler alert for Stranger Things, “A Sound of Thunder,” and the feeling that everything is going to be all right.] I walk into the kitchen as my husband rushes out the door for work. “I’m halfway through an article on the Sandy … Continue reading

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10 Things I Learned from Naked and Afraid (and a Perfect Connecticut Afternoon)

10 things I learned from the survivalist reality show Naked and Afraid: 1. After a few awkward minutes, no one will care if you’re naked in the wilderness. 2. There’s good naked and bad naked. (OK, I learned that one … Continue reading

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I accidentally angered a psychic

I’m not superstitious. Sure, I knock on wood when something could jinx me, and I throw salt over my shoulder when I upset the shaker. And there was the Great Fortune Cookie Scare of 2011. I see my little rituals … Continue reading

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Three Finales that Worked

The recent finale of How I Met Your Mother brought another round of Internet rage, but as a loyal viewer I thought the ending was right, as I did with both Dexter and Breaking Bad, two other shows with finales … Continue reading

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Of Julia Child, Dan Aykroyd, and Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon, a Daring Cooks challenge First of all, I couldn’t believe the serendipity of the red wine I picked up for making this classic French stew. I’m a bit too young to have watched Julia Child‘s cooking show when … Continue reading

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