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Thanksgiving Outtakes

Every year for 15 years, I gather my sons in the yard to take a Thanksgiving snapshot. Some years there’s a turkey to baste, some we have to hit the road. Some years snow, some brilliant sunshine. Some years with … Continue reading

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Four tales of gratitude

1. I heard this amazing story about skydiving gone wrong on NPR’s Here and Now. I was driving home from work to start my Thanksgiving break, and my car idled in the driveway while I listened to the rest of … Continue reading

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14 Years of “Boys, Look at Me”

Every year for 14 years now, I’ve snapped a picture of my boys on Thanksgiving weekend. Yep, they grow up so fast. Happy Thanksgiving! Related posts: Benign (Thanksgiving 2011, after a health scare) Leftover Turkey Oatmeal NaBloPoMo, Day 28 at … Continue reading

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Leftover Turkey Oatmeal

During this Thanksgiving weekend, I have a mountain of leftovers to contend with. I have a theory that any great meal that features a carb can be switched up a bit to make a savory oatmeal recipe. Could “Day After … Continue reading

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Pet Peeves

I try to be an easy-going person, but as I explain in the video below, I know I have at least a few pet peeves… Happy Thanksgiving! Related posts and other vlogs: Benign (Thanksgiving 2011) Why I Blog Butternut Squash … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Cookies: Cinnamon Banana Nut Cookies

Cinnamon Banana Nut Cookies These cookies are fruity, nutty, and sweet with a touch of cinnamon that spreads throughout the house as they bake. (Recipe) These Thanksgiving cookies are the perfect complement to a turkey-day feast. It was fun to … Continue reading

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A high school English teacher once warned me and my class that we may find the existential angst in The Stranger by Albert Camus upsetting. I was intrigued. I had never received a warning about reading a book before. I … Continue reading

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Savoring Savory Oatmeal

#49. 101 things in 1001 days: Try at least five savory oatmeal recipes. You are probably already a big fan of sweet oatmeal. These savory oatmeal recipes, though, might just keep you away from those bananas and raisins for a … Continue reading

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