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How to Hike Mount Washington When You’re Young and Clueless (in 33 Easy Steps)

In the early days of our marriage, my husband and I would disappear every weekend to hike in the White Mountains. While I loved hiking, I never quite enjoyed it. Mount Washington proved to be especially formidable. Set your alarm for … Continue reading

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Cantering: As Easy as Falling Off a Horse

I bounced along in a fast and much too dangerous canter, which I’d just learned is like a gallop with a missing beat. I had been trotting so well, too, even lifted a hand from the saddle to give my mother-in-law … Continue reading

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Appointment at Tooth-Hurty

Her hands are in my mouth, poking, scraping, setting up X-ray cards. I bide my time for a chance to complain. I stare at a spot on the ceiling, bright blue sky, white clouds, pink spring blossoms in the corner … Continue reading

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Seeking Treasure: The Thrill of the Chase

My husband pores over web sites, explaining his line-by-line interpretations as he toggles between a Google map and a poem that holds clues to the hidden treasure. He points out canyons and creeks, hots springs and abandoned mines. He has a feverish gleam … Continue reading

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From Bees to Brain Waves for Aliens: Unconventional Love Letters

{Welcome to MultiMEDIA Splice #11, a link party. Join me by linking up a “love”-themed post or a multimedia post on any topic.} “Only a crazy man would write a love letter that takes eight years to arrive.” –Harry Joy, … Continue reading

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I accidentally angered a psychic

I’m not superstitious. Sure, I knock on wood when something could jinx me, and I throw salt over my shoulder when I upset the shaker. And there was the Great Fortune Cookie Scare of 2011. I see my little rituals … Continue reading

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Size Does Matter: Little Trees and Stonehenge

Remember that scene in This is Spinal Tap when the band plans a majestic replica of Stonehenge that will sing the glories of their badassitude, but then they screw up the calculations, and an 18 inch tall model stands on … Continue reading

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Bad News Shop: Bases Loaded, Bottom of the Ninth

thathth Bases loaded, bottom of the ninth. If she can just hold off this batter, she’ll get her first win. The 7th-grade wood shop teacher made it clear that girls shouldn’t be in shop. The alternative, home economics, had a … Continue reading

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A church where an atheist can feel at home

#5. 101 things in 1001 days: Attend a UU church meeting. As someone who has lost her religion, I still seek the community that a church can provide. Over the past few years, I have occasionally attended church services, but … Continue reading

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The credits finally roll on the IMDb Top 250

In the voice of Don LaFontaine, please– “In a world where Japanese movies reign supreme and World War II films fill the mailbox… one woman struggles on her couch to view them all…. That woman is this one… that quest … Continue reading

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