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Getting the Strength of a Cobra in Laos

Every now and then there is a suspended moment when I am faced with a choice: yes or no. I have begun to relish the moment of saying yes, of being open to the experience. And if I decide to … Continue reading

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Fried Chicken on the Marrakesh Express

Fried Chicken on the Marrakesh Express With many restaurants closed for Ramadan, we resigned ourselves to a greasy meal of fast food in the train depot. While not happy about this, truth be told, I couldn’t look at another tagine … Continue reading

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Fes Medina, Morocco video

A short video about my amazing walk through the Fes Medina in Morocco “As we sped along in a van looking down on the sprawling, ancient Fes Medina, my heart began to race. What secrets lie inside its walls? What would … Continue reading

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Guest post on traveling the world with children

Check out my guest post on the SITS Girls website: How to travel the world with your children (and, no, Epcot is not the real world) (Video link) You can see some of that mud I was talking about in … Continue reading

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