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Planet Amsterdam and Other Worlds

{Celebrate your courage. Send me a postcard.} “Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.” ― Gary Snyder When you travel, do you feel like you’ve stepped onto another planet, a complete world of different sights … Continue reading

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Tangled Up in Blue

{MultiMEDIA Splice, a link party; update: now easier to join} Please press play and listen to the song as you read this post. “In a 1978 interview Dylan explained this style of songwriting: ‘What’s different about it is that there’s … Continue reading

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What I Ate in Thailand: The Best Food in the World

{This is part of an occasional series, “What I Ate In …”} Thai Food Thai food is delightful–an amazing variety of intensely flavorful fruits and vegetables, seafood, curries, soups with complex broths, noodles, rice, and spices, spices, spices. I visited … Continue reading

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Travel theme: Strong

{Linking up with Travel theme: Strong} In Amsterdam, my husband and I got a tip about a tasting bar nearby, and we were enchanted by its strong adherence to tradition. The ancient bar was stark–no music, no decorations, no beer … Continue reading

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Travel theme: Simplify

When traveling, it’s often the simplest moments that make the most vivid impressions, those little experiences when your senses are immersed in the local culture, and you have time to let it soak in. I love planning adventurous excursions when … Continue reading

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Whether by yak or by Harley, let’s get out there

My camel’s shadow as I journey into the Sahara I like the slant of this travel list: 49 journeys that’ll change your life. On the list, they cram in as many SMTs as possible–that’s suggested modes of transport. Some of … Continue reading

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Getting the Strength of a Cobra in Laos

Every now and then there is a suspended moment when I am faced with a choice: yes or no. I have begun to relish the moment of saying yes, of being open to the experience. And if I decide to … Continue reading

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9 Easy Ways to Save Money to Travel

Reclining Buddha, Bangkok, Thailand How to Save $10,000 a Year to Travel Travel is my passion, and in the last six years, I’ve taken big family trips to Thailand, Morocco, Ireland, Greece, the American West, Florida, New Orleans, and Chicago. … Continue reading

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Great Walks: Travel Bucket List

I am participating in a Travel Bucket List with three things I’ve done and three things I want to do. Travel Bucket Half-Full: Great Walks I’ve Done 1. Bryce Canyon, Utah I long to return to Bryce Canyon, the place that … Continue reading

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Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies in Cages with Tigers

Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies in Cages with Tigers I could probably find statistics about how driving a child to the store or letting him ride his bike down the block is more dangerous than what I did, but I … Continue reading

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