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If My Life Had a Soundtrack

This week’s Twisted Mixtape theme is “if my life had a soundtrack.” Well, it turns out my life does have a soundtrack, as long as you take a stroll with me through my YouTube channel. I hope it’s not too … Continue reading

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Guilty pleasures, musically

This week’s theme for Twisted Mixtape is “guilty pleasures.” 1. “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees By the time I reached high school, I had firmly placed myself on the rock side of the rock vs. disco schism that divided … Continue reading

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Motivational mixing

Every now and then, I get motivated to do some jogging, which I loathe. It’s no surprise that it’s usually in the spring, when it’s time to end my long months of hiding from the cold. Before I think about … Continue reading

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New to Me

The theme for Twisted Mixtape this week is songs that were new to me in 2013 (or thereabouts). 1. “Love Interruption” by Jack White I was already a big Jack White and White Stripes fan, but I heard this song … Continue reading

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Messages From the Underground

For Twisted Mixtape this week, it’s dealer’s choice, and I’d like to share five great songs with hidden messages. 1. “American Pie” by Don McLean Many rock fans know that rock and roll history is hidden in “American Pie,” but … Continue reading

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Jailhouse Rock

This week’s theme at Twisted Mixtape is “this song could’ve sent me to jail.” Since rock and roll is rife with all kinds of crimes and misdemeanors, there were plenty of songs to choose from. 1. “Wrong Way” by Sublime … Continue reading

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Cheating Songs and Jubilation

I’ve always been concerned with cheating, but not in the most obvious way. I have a lot of self-imposed “rules” that I live by, some silly, some serious. I’ve known people who regularly read the last page of a book … Continue reading

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Every picture tells a story, don’t it?

I’ve always loved songs that tell a story, something a little more involved than “She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah,” although I like that one too; don’t get me wrong. Here are five songs that tell great stories. 1. Long … Continue reading

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The Most Metamorphic Six-Year Stretch in Rock

Last year I made a video called “47 Years of Great Rock” that celebrated rock’s changing sounds during my lifetime (from 1965 to the present). Today, I am linking up with Twisted Mixtape for a “free for all.” I decided … Continue reading

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