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The Mombie Apocalypse: Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Please check out and share this zombie dance video on CrowdRise. Any donation to fund metastatic breast cancer research is greatly appreciated. (In the above video, I am in the front row, second from the left. At least I could hide … Continue reading

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Zombie Makeover: A Behind the Scenes Look

Welcome to a behind the scenes look at my zombie makeover. You can read about my day as a zombie here: Apocalypse Soon: I Became a Zombie at the Doomsday Fair. Zombie makeover before and after My Zombie Makeover Before … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Soon: I Became a Zombie at the Doomsday Fair

Ah, autumn fairs in New England. The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, the zombies are searching for brains. We were at the Doomsday Fair, and the timing was eerie. Hurricane Sandy headed for Connecticut, and local news stations … Continue reading

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Die, Zombie Becky!

As a kid, I was steeped in a broth of James Bond, with a heavy dose of Dirty Harry mixed in. I also have a weirdly defective startle response and routinely scream during benign situations if I am surprised. People … Continue reading

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